Dentist Dr. Gerhard Krieter

Professional career

  • 1997-2002 Study of dental medicine at Johannes-Gutenberg University in Mainz
  • 2002 State examination and approbation
  • 2003-2005 Employment as dentist with emphasis on implant treatment, endodontics, surgery, regenerative periodontal therapy, periodontal surgery, aesthetic and restorative dentistry and dental prostheses in Munich.
  • Since 2007 established in a joint practice with Dr. Ina Krieter. perfect smile Practice for general dental medicine, aesthetic dentistry and prophylaxis Dr. Ina Krieter & Dr. Gerhard Krieter, Dentists in Regensburg
  • 2010 Doctorate
  • Continuous training and further education in the above named fields, especially in implantology at the German Association for Implantology (Curriculum)

Dr. Gerhard Krieter specializes in implantology (implant placement and restoration), endodontics (root canal treatment), surgery, periodontology, periodontal surgery, aesthetic restorative dentistry, aesthetic tooth-colored dentures, implant-supported dentures.