Tooth Straightening

Tooth Straightening by means of Aligner Splints / Tooth Position Correction

Invisible Tooth Regulation / Tooth Position Correction / Aligner Therapy

Many patients consider undergoing orthodontic treatment as long as they don’t have to wear visible braces or fixed appliances (brackets, fixed braces). With a transparent splint (Aligner splint / Aligner therapy) it is possible to adjust the position of the teeth even for adults. The transparent and hardly visible plastic splint allows normal speech in everyday life, stands hardly out and is virtually invisible to the person opposite. The splint only has to be removed for eating and daily cleaning. Depending on the number of teeth to be corrected and the initial situation, an individual treatment plan is developed together with our dental technician. A non-binding cost estimate is possible at any time as part of your regular check-up. First of all, you help us determine the optimal position of your front teeth. After taking an impression, the necessary correction steps as well as the total duration of the treatment are planned in the laboratory and a non-binding cost estimate is prepared. Then, upon request, the splints that will secure the needed teeth adjustment are manufactured, straightening your teeth in small steps until the desired final result is achieved.

We collaborate with a very experienced orthodontic laboratory in Regensburg, which is at your disposal at all times during and after the entire treatment. For details, please visit or simply ask us next time you visit our practice.