Dental cleaning

Healthy Teeth through regular Tooth Cleaning – for Life.

Not only the outer appearance of your teeth is important to us, but also caring for them and keeping them healthy. The only effective way to maintain your teeth healthy for a lifetime and to prevent permanent damage is to have a professional teeth cleaning carried out on a regular basis. That is why in our practice we call this procedure teeth preservation therapy. Depending on your personal needs and risk assessment, teeth cleaning should usually be carried out every six months. In certain cases a more frequent cleaning may also be necessary. During this treatment all visible and invisible tooth-damaging plaque and tartar, as well as stains caused by coffee, tea, cigarettes, red wine and bacterial sediments are professionally and gently removed by a trained dental specialist, the teeth are thoroughly polished and finally the enamel is fluoridated for a long lasting effect. A thorough dental care at home is an important supportive measure, but it can not be considered as a replacement of the teeth preservation therapy.

Healthy teeth, healthy gums! With the right prophylaxis you can achieve this goal for life! Our dental care school for adults and children helps you find out where the toothbrush does not reach and gives you valuable tips for the perfect oral hygiene at home – giving caries and gingivitis no chance to develop in the first place.

The professional teeth cleaning can in some cases be subsidized by the statutory health insurance. Taking out a private supplementary dental insurance is usually also worthwhile!