Laughing Gas

Laughing Gas Treatment

Laughing Gas – for a Fear-Free Dental Treatment

Perfect teeth are becoming more and more important nowadays. They should be straight, immaculate and bright. Our personal well-being, our self-esteem and the way we affect our environment – both professionally and privately – are strongly influenced by our teeth’s aesthetic appearance. In order to comply with this desire for dental aesthetics and a beautiful smile, we dentists employ numerous methods developed in modern dentistry. Many people, however, are afraid of going to the dentist or of lengthy treatments, which keeps them from undergoing treatments long overdue. The reasons for this „dentophobia“ are mostly feelings of insecurity, bad experiences and lack of information. We take these patients’ needs and wishes very seriously. A relaxed and quiet atmosphere, where you as patient feel safe, is very important to us. Additionally, all of our treatments are available under laughing gas sedation using the modern equipment of our practice.

This method is a type of sedation (calming sensation can be achieved maintaining full consciousness) on the basis of Nitrous Oxide. It helps you relax and is also effective against pain and gag reflexes. In this state of relaxation you remain fully responsive and in control of your senses at all times. Through a small nose mask you inhale a mixture of laughing gas and pure oxygen. It will help you relax during the treatment and reduce your anxiety. This method has also proven to be very effective during long treatments, for example dental restorations.  Thanks to modern medical technology, the use of Nitrous Oxide is considered very safe. Patients sometimes experience a tingling sensation in their hands and feet, flushing, euphoria, lightness or heaviness during sedation. The effect of sedation wears off completely within approx. 5 minutes. You can then leave the practice with no need of assistance. It is however recommended that you do not drive.

We will be happy to provide you with further information regarding Nitrous Oxide treatment in an individual consultation.

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