High-Quality Dental Prosthesis

Dental Prosthesis

Aesthetic Dentures

If teeth are badly damaged or if one or more teeth are lost, depending on the situation either fixed dentures (partial crowns, crowns, bridges) or removable dentures (prostheses) can be made to restore their normal function and aesthetics. When teeth have to be cared for due to a significant loss of hard tooth substance, we offer metal-free, lifelike all-ceramic crowns. Due to the exact matching of colour and light transparency, the crowns look just like real teeth.

For crowns and bridges in the posterior region, we use high-performance ceramics made of zirconium oxide. It is tooth-coloured and as hard as steel so it can also be used for extensive bridge constructions. Allergies to certain alloys are a thing of the past and so are the unattractive dark edges at the transition to the tooth neck.

In order to achieve the best possible treatment results we have your dentures manufactured exclusively in specialized local master labs. You get no less than a made-to-measure product from our team of specialists „made in Germany”. Competence, friendly individual patient service, high-quality material processing and long-term dedicated care of our patients are our top priorities in the collaboration with our dental laboratories!

We offer a 5-year guarantee on dental prostheses subject to our terms and conditions.