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Dental Practice perfect smile Dr. Ina & Dr. Gerhard Krieter in Regensburg

Welcome to our dental practice, your competent partner for aesthetic dentistry

Perfect teeth are becoming more and more important nowadays. They should be straight, immaculate and bright. Our personal well-being, our self-esteem and the way we affect our environment – both professionally and privately – are strongly influenced by our teeth’s aesthetic appearance. In order to comply with this desire for perfect teeth, we dentists employ numerous methods developed in modern dentistry. Many people however, consider their dentist’s appointment as a very stressful situation or are afraid of lengthy treatments. The reasons for this „dentophobia“ are mostly feelings of insecurity, bad experiences and lack of information. We take these patients’ needs and wishes very seriously and handle them with the utmost care. A relaxed and quiet atmosphere, where you as patient feel comfortable and safe, is very important to us. Every step of the treatment is explained and clarified – before, during and after the treatment. Additionally, all of our treatments are available under laughing gas sedation using the modern equipment of our practice.

The treatments we offer focus on the field of aesthetic dentistry, always combined with optimal function and a prophylactic concept tailored to your individual needs. Our modernly equipped dental practice (digital x-ray, magnifying glasses, laughing gas sedation, mechanical root canal treatment, etc.) is fully air-conditioned and offers you a wide range of advanced dental treatments.

Our services:

  • aesthetic treatments (veneers, bleaching/whitening of teeth, all-ceramic restorations, tooth-colored fillings, etc.)
  • teeth straightening by means of transparent splints (Aligner therapy)
  • professional teeth cleaning (tooth preservation therapy)
  • implant placement and care / surgical measures
  • premium dentures, fixed or removable
  • extensive dental restorations
  • gentle, minimally invasive periodontal treatment
  • modern root canal treatment with mechanical preparation
  • bite splints and snore guards
  • anxiety patient treatment

A clear and detailed consultation, modern treatment techniques, gentle treatment methods, materials of the highest quality as well as the most suitable dental technical supply from local master labs (manufacture exclusively in Germany) for high aesthetic demands are a matter of course for us.

Talk to us about your wishes.  We’ll be happy to tell you all about the different therapies we can offer for your own „perfect smile”.

Your practice team Dr. Ina Krieter & Dr. Gerhard Krieter

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