Perfect Foundation

If the dental nerve gets infected, which is often accompanied by intense toothaches, the nerve tissue must be removed and the resulting cavity refilled. The tooth needs a root canal tretament.

The only possible alternative in this case is the extraction, the removal of the tooth. But closing the gap after tooth extraction doesn’t come cheap. An implant, a bridge or a removable restoration is often a lot more expensive than a tooth-preserving root canal treatment. 

Nowadays we have the opportunity to carry out a high-quality root canal treatment that can preserve the tooth for years on end. The root canal is widened with delicate instruments precisely to its apex and then filled with a warmed-up filling material. In order to avoid infections of the surrounding bone tissue it is very important to perfectly seal the apex of the dental root. 

Our services at a glance:

  • Root canal treatment according to the most modern medical standards 
  • Electrometric determination of the length of the root
  • Mechanical canal preparation
  • Plastic filling technique
Note: A regular visit to the dentist is also an active cancer screening if you have your mucous membranes tested.