Healthy teeth – for life

Not only the way your teeth look is important to us, but also caring for them and keeping them healthy. We help you by offering professional cleaning and individual preventive and prophylactic concepts. 

In dentistry it is actually possible to prevent diseases effectively and to maintain oral health permanently. Next to daily brushing plays professional teeth cleaning (if done regularly) the most important role in preserving your oral health. Unfortunately, even the most conscientious care at home does not stand a chance against stubborn bacterial plaques and tartar. 

Professional teeth cleaning supports your daily oral hygiene very efficiently. At the beginning of the treatment one of our qualified employees, gently but effectively, removes plaque and stains from coffee, tea, cigarettes, red wine as well as bacterial sediments. Plaque hidden underneath the gum line is also painlessly removed. Bacteria set easier on rough places and in niches, that’s why the surface of the teeth is thoroughly polished and after that covered with fluoride varnish. 

Healthy teeth mean healthy gums! With the right prophylaxis it is possible to reach this goal for life. In our dental care school for adults and children we’ll show you all the places that the tooth brush doesn’t reach and we’ll give you valuable tips about home oral hygiene – so that it doesn’t come to caries and gingivitis in the first place.

Our services at a glance:

  • Preventive check-ups
  • Oral hygiene status
  • Professional teeth cleaning, plaque removal with a powder jet device
  • Individual prophylactic concepts (Individual prophylaxis)
  • Tooth- and fissure sealings
  • Hardening of the enamel through fluoridation
  • Dental care school for adults and children
  • Fluoridation splints
  • Reminder service for your preventive check-ups
Note: Acids (for example in juices) can damage your teeth...