Improved quality of life thanks to fixed dental prosthesis

As if they were your own! Implants are artificial dental roots that are planted in the jawbone and have grown together with it. Being fixed and fully functional, implants present a high-quality alternative to bridges or dentures. They can also be used as prosthesis stabilizers in a toothless jaw. The many advantages: natural aesthetic, high wearing and chewing comfort as well as security and durability – everything argues in favour of implants. Furthermore, you  avoid having your teeth grinded down - a necessary procedure if you’re getting a bridge. Only the missing tooth is replaced! At the same time further bone resorption is prevented. The disadvantages of removable dentures: the palate is covered and there’s a sensation of a foreign body in the mouth, problems with eating, speaking and laughing can be avoided with a fixed implant. Exactly this extraordinary wearing comfort of the implants often helps rediscover the earlier quality of life.


Since 2005, the prosthetic part of the implants is covered by the public insurance companies.  Private companies bear the costs depending on your cover plan. In some cases implants are also eligible for aid. Upon request, after our accounting centre has issued the bill, it is possible to agree on monthly installments with an interest rate of 0% for up to 6 months.

Do talk to us, we would be happy to advise you! Make a free and non-binding consultation appointment in our practice. Together we’ll decide which option is most suitable for you. Your wishes and expectations, but also your general health status is important for the long-term success of the therapy. 

Depending on indication, it is possible that as a preparatory or an accompanying measure to implantation, bone has to be replaced or rebuilt. This can be done either with own or with artificial bone. We carry out other surgical procedures, such as wisdom teeth removal or periodontal surgery, either ourselves or we redirect you to an oral surgeon. 

Our services at a glance:

  • Implant placement and care (single teeth, bridges, prosthesis)
  • Bone build-up (Augmentation)
  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Periodontal surgery


Note: Food products (for example mineral water) also contain fluoride, which protects your teeth against caries.