A beautiful smile

Having perfect teeth is becoming more and more important. They should be straight, complete and white. Our well-being, our self-esteem and the way we are accepted – in professional as well as in personal aspect – are being strongly affected by our teeth’s aesthetic appearance. In order to comply with this desire for perfect teeth, we dentists, employ numerous methods from the modern dentistry.


Ultra thin ceramic veneer shells, so called “Veneers” that brighten up most Hollywood stars’ faces, conjure virtually every smile flawless. They conceal gaps, wide-spread fillings, uneven, crooked or teeth that are too short. Thanks to this minimally invasive method it is possible to correct teeth’s form, colour and position with greatest possible care of their natural structure. The tailor-made ceramic veneers are glued to the tooth with a special adhesive technology, appear completely natural and are practically unrecognizable. 


Smaller flaws can be repaired directly with customized, tooth-coloured reconstructions (composites and nanotechnology synthetic materials). That is also how we carry out aesthetical front teeth corrections (for example closing an anterior gap etc.). When it comes to dental prosthesis we set on all-ceramic with a natural aesthetic, carefully matching the colour of the neighbouring teeth. Thanks to their translucency these crowns seem like real teeth.


Our services at a glance:

  • Veneers (all-ceramic shells) and "direct veneering" (veneer with plastic ceramic fillings) for cosmetic form corrections 
  • Highly aesthetic, tooth-coloured fillings (composites and nanotechnology synthetic materials) technique called rubber dam, teeth are kept perfectly dry.  
  • All-ceramic restorations , metal-free and biocompatible (inlays, onlays, partial crowns, crowns, bridges)
  • shaping / cosmetic contouring
Note: A regular visit to the dentist is also an active cancer screening if you have your mucous membranes tested.