Healthy teeth and a beautiful smile... for the little ones as well!

Our dental care school with a heart and a concept!

zahnpflegeDental treatment for children presents dentists with very special requirements. We know that as your dentists and as parents! That’s why our first and foremost goal is to win the children’s trust. We approach our youngest patients with a lot of sensitivity, turn the tretament into a game and make sure everything is adapted to their needs. Thus we take away the fear and anxiety connected with the visit to the dentist. 

Beautiful, healthy teeth and healthy gums for life, that’s what we all wish for. Children’s and teenager’s teeth need special care and it is important to start as early as possible!

In addition to daily brushing, healthy diet and regular dental check-ups we offer our youngest patients a personal preventive programme at our dental care school. Our employees responsible for the prophylaxis introduce the children to dental care very patiently and in a way suitable for their age. It is very important to us to strengthen the children’s personal responsibility and to motivate them to care for their teeth at home – so that they can have healthy teeth and gums as grown-ups as well.

Our basic care programme ( Children’s prophylaxis) is covered by the state health insurance company. Children and adolescents between 6 and 18 can participate free of charge. Every six months we colour the plaque in order to show where the weak spots are. First we remove the tartar, then all teeth surfaces undergo an intensive cleaning finished with a high-gloss polish. Afterwards, children are shown the correct tooth brushing technique and the causes of caries are explained. Finally, tooth enamel is hardened with a fluoride varnish in order to make it more resistant to caries bacteria. Molars are particularly vulnerable to caries because of their fissures and pits. These niches are perfect hiding places for bacteria. If necessary, the dangerous zones can be protected very efficiently and for a long period of time with a protective varnish.  

We take our youngest patients (from the very first tooth up to age 6) into our early screening programme. That service is also free for statutory insured children.

Furthermore, we offer a professional prevention programme available to all children. It exceeds the services of the state health insurance companies and includes: 

  • Long-term protection thanks to a special antibacterial varnish (Cervitec)
  • Made-to-measure fluoridation splints help harden the enamel at home ( for children that are especially prone to caries) 

Information for parents with a private health insurance: preventive check-ups are normally covered by private health insurance companies.

Some tips about your visit to the dentist:

Take children to their first check-up before problems occur. That way, the visit to the dentist will be associated with a positive experience in the future. Please avoid comments such as "that doesn’t hurt at all". Such remarks can very quickly trigger negative feelings. Words like " fear ", "syringe" or "drill" should also be avoided. It’s better to say that the “tooth is going to sleep”. Try to stay positive yourself, that assures your child that nothing bad is going to happen. 

Instruments and treatments are used and explained with terms suitable for children. Children who refuse to undergo treatment are neither persuaded nor held down. We respect your child’s borders. With a lot of patience and sensitivity we do everything in our power to make the visit to the dentist fear-free for your child.

If an orthodontic treatment (braces) becomes necessary we’ll redirect your child to an orthodontics specialist. During orthodontic therapy we make sure we monitor possible problems (scaling, caries prophylaxis, dental check-ups etc.). 

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Your practice team Dr. Ina Krieter & Dr. Gerhard Krieter

Note: Acids (for example in juices) can damage your teeth...